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New Horizons Global Partners offers a comprehensive suite of corporate and employment solutions to assist your global expansion.

By partnering with New Horizons Global Partners, you benefit from the only International PEO with a dedicated, in-house recruitment team. We provide you with expert, ongoing support that enables you to navigate in-country legislation and employment compliance.

Our global infrastructure of HR solutions allow you to readily connect with the world’s top talent. We fast-track and simplify the process of hiring new staff members – in days, not months. This means you avoid the usual costs and hassles of setting up an entity, registering with authorities, and jumping through countless administrative and regulatory hoops.

An end-to-end solution that simplifies Global Expansion

Hire Without an Entity

Our Global PEO allows you to quickly and compliantly hire in multiple countries, without the burden of establishing a local entity. This enables your business to expand in as little as 48 hours.

Talent Acquisition

Our recruitment specialists utilize a global network of connections, enhanced local search capabilities, and a rigorous assessment process to connect you to top talent - wherever expansion takes you.

All-in-One Solution

With services that encompass recruitment, payroll, global mobility, and employment compliance, we support your business through the full lifecycle of your expansion.

Which global payroll solution best fits your need?

Pay workforce
Benefits administration
Income and payroll tax withholding
Submissions to tax authorities
Employer of Record
HR and labor law compliance
Contract drafting
Global PEO
Payroll outsourcing
Contractor payment

Most popular countries to expand globally

At New Horizons, we enable businesses to transform their expansion goals into reality. While the below countries reflect many of our clients’ preferred markets, we can develop a tailored proposal that aligns with your ideal expansion location.

Global Coverage

New Horizons provides comprehensive expansion services that span more than 150 countries worldwide. Our team of in-country specialists support your business to hire, onboard, pay, and manage your global workforce.

Frequently asked questions

While costs vary based on the precise solutions you need, our competitive pricing is set at a fixed rate per employee. This means expansion costs are transparent, and clarifies the rate of return on your expansion. 

New Horizons offers global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions for enterprises expanding overseas. This means that New Horizons can act as the Employer of Record for your staff based overseas. As part of that service, New Horizons processes and administers the payroll for your international workforce. 

Choosing a country for your expansion requires comprehensive market analysis. This means looking at a range of considerations such as potential customer profiles, levels of competition, and the legal and tax implications of expansion. Only then can you form a reliable comparison between the potential markets in two different countries. For more information, read about our global expansion consultancy service

Yes. As part of our global expansion solutions, we provide talent acquisition in your country of expansion. Using our extensive global network of business connections, as well as traditional recruitment methods, we ensure that you have the best people for your expanded enterprise. 

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