International Company Registration

Quickly and compliantly establish a foreign subsidiary in major locations throughout the world

Global incorporation setup and support

Our comprehensive, end-to-end network of services assists you to quickly establish a legal overseas entity. By adopting a strategic approach, we enable clients to retain the same quality of legal compliance as their own in-country subsidiaries.

At any stage of our clients’ expansion lifecycle, our team of in-country specialists can facilitate the compliant setup of their legal entity. Our integrated solutions help our clients to successfully navigate their company registration, payroll services, and tax compliance.

As a trusted incorporation partner to our clients, New Horizons allows businesses to establish local entities quickly, reliably, and compliantly.

Helping you establish a compliant foreign entity

New Horizons’ team of legal specialists assist businesses to quickly and cost-effectively establish a foreign entity. We help you gather employment contracts, prepare financial statements, and maintain tax compliance. Our pre-incorporation PEO service also lets you begin trading in new markets, whilst waiting for your entity to be established. 

Company Incorporation

Our team of in-country experts work alongside local governments to handle the bulk of the incorporation process. This saves you valuable time and money.

Advisory Services

Our highly-skilled advisors manage all your monthly corporate services. This includes your bookkeeping, financial planning, and accounting.

Local HR Department

Through the support of our local Human Resources department, you receive specialist HR expertise in any of the countries we serve.

with PEO

Our temporary PEO transition service lets you begin operating in new countries immediately, while waiting for your foreign entity to be established.

Corporate Compliance

Our certified accountants prepare financial statements, manage payroll services, and observe all local regulations to deliver full legal compliance.

Benefits Management

We function as your on-site Human Resources department: managing all employee benefits, including PTO and bonuses, retirement funds, and severance packages.

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Experts in entity setup & support ​

The international marketplace presents lucrative opportunities to create and manage a local company of your own.

We work alongside you to identify a company structure that best aligns with your in-country strategy and long-term development plans.

When you partner New Horizons Global Partners, we manage your company’s end-to-end incorporation. This includes:

  • Handling all payroll setup and registration. Once incorporation is complete, we transition employees from their current employment status – under our PEO – into that of your company.

    Overseeing the same benefits your company has been providing to your foreign employees; under the ownership of your new subsidiary.

    Gathering local employment contracts and legally mandated materials for the establishment of your new entity.

    Strategic guidance in matters concerning contract negotiations with employees.

Tailored support

We offer support for issues relating to whistle blowing, workplace misconduct, performance, HR investigations, and employee terminations. 

New Horizons also provides legal support, as well guidance in relation to international consulting. This can assist you to overcome the difficulties that may arise during the company setup process.

Additional Services

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
    Finance Support
    Annual Tax Settlements
    Payment Reports
    Audit Reports
  • Joint Annual Inspection
    Social Charges
    Mandatory Deductions
    Third-Party Payments
    Benefit Management
    Leave & Holiday Pay

Pre-incorporation with PEO​

In the months that precede a business incorporation, New Horizons offers clients our renowned International PEO service.

By partnering with our International PEO, you’re able to hire the best employees in new markets. This lets you commence your operations and manage administrative tasks as you prepare to launch your foreign expansion.

Additionally, our in-house recruitment team sources and hires new talent and oversees the entire onboarding process.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We can provide advice and information as to whether an international PEO or incorporation solution is right for you. Where you do decided on incorporation, engaging a Global PEO solution can be a useful intermediate step. 

If you decide to incorporate a company in your new location, but decide later that you want to engage a PEO, we can help. We can advise on the steps needed to wind-down the company and de-register it, while transferring any remaining business to our Global PEO. 

If you choose to hire employees through an incorporated company, you become the 'Employer of Record' and are legally responsible for withholding payroll taxes and administering benefits. However, with our outsourced Human Resources function, we can support you in these matters.  

If you would like us to take on legal responsibility for your employees, you may engage us as a Global PEO. 

Your precise tax liability will depend on the tax laws and regulations of each country that you expand into. However, in many cases, incorporating and carrying out business through a local legal entity means that you have a 'permanent establishment' in that country. You're then liable to pay corporate tax in that country. 

Yes. We can provide ongoing services for your local entity such as human resources, payroll, and benefits administration. We can also ensure that your business complies with local tax and corporations laws. 

Yes. We provide full accounting services that ensure your company has financial statements and maintains compliance with local laws and accounting standards. 

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